Nintendo Switch

It is said that the Nintendo Switch delivers a totally unique gaming experience. This is not only in terms of the top tier games but also in terms of the play at home and on the go hardwear. Of course unique gaming is what Nintendo do best, Just remember all the fuss when the Wii first came along.

So it is no surprise that once again at Christmas 2019 it was the Nintendo Switch that was one of the most demanded gifts. I fact it has proven so popular that Nintendo have had to double production to ensure that they can meet the demand.

What are the plus points of the Nintendo Switch?

So what are the big plus points? Well it is stylish innovative, has a great price point, is obviously very portable and is great fun to play. The build quality is superb and the visuals are really impressive for a handheld device. A range of accessories are available and are easy to connect. Of course it is not going to be as powerful as a PS4 or a XBOX one console, but for on the go gaming it really doesn’t get much better. There are plenty of games already to try with something for every type of gamer.

Legend of Zelda

The major launch that came along with the Nintendo Switch is The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild. There is no question that this game looks and plays spectacularly. It plays out within a huge open world and features stylish cell-shaded graphics, fantastic species and weapons and is very immersive.


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