Gaming Keyboards


These keyboards are designed especially for gamers.  Although there are a variety of controllers with dials and levers available to buy for playing games, Keyboards are still frequently used and have additional features to enhance gaming and improve your performance. The keys on a gaming keyboard have been designed to require less depression and this results in faster action compared with regular keyboards.


Hoopond Wireless 2.4G Rechargeable Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Set

If you are looking for a great quality gaming keyboard and mouse set then this one is pretty hard to beat. The keyboard is stylish yet hard wearing, made from aluminium and brushed metal which is also waterproof. It is also designed to be energy efficient and will go into sleep mode if not used for a period of time, it will also wake back up at the touch of a button. The 2.4G wireless technology offers long range wireless control. The keyboard and mouse share an intelligent nano receiver which is exceptionally easy and fast to use. One of the best features of this keybard is the phone and lighter holder which solves the problem of mobile phone placement during game play. The cool back lit rainbow effect makes for a fantastic gaming atmosphere and you can easily switch between three back lit states. The mouse features intelligent colourful light breathing, accurate positioning and 6 buttons on the electroplated craft double wings. This makes the mouse unique and stylish but with fantastic performance enhancing usability. £37.99 is a excellent price for both a gaming keyboard and mouse. Free delivery is also available.

GamingGeek rating 10/10


DIERYA 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This sleek gaming keyboard has a compact design and is ideal for home gaming or office use. It is designed to be particularly durable with PBT double shot keycaps to give a lot of resistance and make them super hard wearing. The keycaps are also oil proof to ensure the best typing and gaming experience. The waterproof circuit board is IPX4 certified so you can enjoy food and drinks freely without the worry of doing any damage should a spillage occur. With this gaming keyboard you can enjoy faster access to your media player and custom functions. We love the powerful editing features and the fact that many of the features can be personalised. The built-in microphone of the keyboard is designed to support the RGB effect “Audio Visualizer” which will depend on the genre of music, the RGB lights colours will change to follow the rhythm or melody. At £54.99 the price is very good considering the quality and reviews of the keyboard agree that you really do get your moneys worth. Other reviews have described this as both practical and satisfying.

GamingGeek rating 8/10

Kinoth One Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 

One handed gaming keyboards are somewhat unusual but they have many benefits and many gamers prefer them to traditional keyboards. The mechanical Kinoth one handed keyboard has been carefully designed to match the player’s operating habits during games and has 35 essential keys. With the keyboard you will have skills and hotkeys right at your fingertips. It ensures the fastest of responses and  short travel switches. The hard-wearing blue switches have a crisp sound, a strong sense of rhythm and offer a all round brilliant mechanical experience. Being mechanical, the service life of the buttons can be increased to about 50 million times, and the performance is more powerful. Easy pulling keycap allows for easy cleaning. The lighting mode is easy to change with the tap of a button and the speed of the streamer is also very easily adjustable. This One-handed Gaming Keypad is compatible with many operating systems including Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and MAC. At under £23 including free deliver we think this is outstanding value.

GamingGeek rating 9/10



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