Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone (Battle Royal)

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare:

Battle Royal (Warzone)

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare are about to get a new Fortnite style game mode which is also known as ‘ battle royal ‘. The leaked game mode ‘ warzone ‘ is leaked to launch next month and the game mode is all about players fighting to see who is the last man standing, this means once you’re dead then you’re dead! You won’t respawn and you will have to load into another game. Fortnites battle royal game mode helped make the game what it is to this day and made it one of the most popular and successful games in the world, if not THE most popular game in the world! It has millions and millions playing it and has so much money invested into it, in things like events and tournaments and is endorsed by many celebrity’s playing it. So it seems that Infinity Ward, the creators of modern warfare are following in their foot steps. The rumours off a battle royal game mode on Modern Warfare have been circulating for a while now, but not long ago an alleged image of wazones large scale map, apparently found in the game files was leaked on reddit.

 An alleged image of Warzone's map recently leaked online


Inside sources have said that warzone will be free to play and will be released early march. Infinity Ward is rumoured to drop a update on the 10th of March so that is our best guess for when this game mode and huge change to the game will be dropping, but who knows it could be earlier or maybe but highly doubted, later! There has also been talk that this battle royal mode will even be free to play for people who has not purchased the whole game.

What We Know

Infinity ward have been tight lipped and has not confirmed that this exists at all yet, so don’t take all information you are hearing and reading too seriously for now.


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