C.O.D Modern Warfare is here!

C.O.D Modern Warfare

After much anticipation C.O.D Modern Warfare has dropped. Love or loathe the series there is no denying that this game is a must play for this year, even if only so you can talk about it with other gaming mates.

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This game is set prior to the events of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 in the make-believe country of  Urzikstan. Here the united UK/US forces team up with Farah’s freedom fighters to take on the evil Russian occupiers of Urzikstan who are led by Roman Barkov and the terrorist group Al-Qatal-  led by the terrifying Omar “The Wolf” Sulaman. Mostly set in the present but with occasional dips into the backstory, the missions are interesting and unique to this game. Fans of first person shooter games will be familiar with how these games play out and this game offers everything you would expect and a whole lot more.

So lets cut to the chase, is it any good? Well yes is the simple answer, although there has been some debate about whether the return to more realistic military style shooting is a good thing, i really liked it. There are fewer advanced mobility mechanics in this game but this makes for a smoother game and it definitely feels more immersive. In this edition the makers have added door-mechanics meaning that you can open doors slowly or burst through dramatically to really surprise your opponent. The sound has improved again since the previous games and this has always been one of the strongest points of this series of games. The graphics again are absolutely on point, the faces are probably the most realistic i have come across. Having tried this out on PC and Xbox ONE i think the graphics do come out slightly better on PC.  The choice of weapons is outstanding as always and the weapon sound is top notch.

So far i am yet to experience any bugs or glitches although i know some others have reported some teething problems which i’m sure will be quickly ironed out. So if you are yet to try this game out then we would certainly recommend it as one to add to your collection, there are hours of gaming enjoyment to be had with this one!

Whether you are looking to play on Xbox, PS4 or PC you can have this game with you and be playing it tomorrow if you order via Amazon with prime delivery.

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