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What Am I Gaming On At The Minute

My game play has been less than usual this week because I’ve been busy both working and socialising so it’s about quality gaming over quantity. I’ve been really enjoying  C.O.D Modern Warfare, I actually never played the last game in this series although had played most of the others.  This one though i really rate, its just great gaming. I’m really loving how realistic the graphics are and the faces especially are unreal! The gun sounds are fantastic and the missions are exciting. I think this is a game that i will get a lot of play from and keep coming back to, plus all of my mates have it so its really good for late night playing when there are a group of us on.

I have also played a bit of Grand Theft Auto 5, although quite old now, this is a game that i play when i want to chill out and not put too much thought into my play. Its a really enjoyable game and there’s no denying that Rockstar just make great games! They are constantly releasing updates so although this game has been around for 5 years it still feels relatively fresh.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 – This is another Rockstar game that i’m really loving so far. I like the Western theme this one has and the fact that it has so much detail, from the grass blades to the hair on the horses, everything is very precise. I have not had much time to play it yet but will play more over the next few weeks and write a more detailed review.

I have been loving the gaming chair i have been using since getting it for Christmas, Its the Elecwish gaming chair in black and white. I love the way it looks and my room, it is super comfortable and i can now play for hours without my back or neck aching. It has a super cool massage function too. You can read more about it in my guide to 5 of the best gaming chairs.

I will post a clip of Red Dead here for you to take a look at for those of you who are thinking of giving this one a go. Its available to buy on Amazon with free next day delivery if you have prime.


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